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By Paul Josephson, Nicolai Dronin, Ruben Mnatsakanian, Aleh Cherp, Dmitry Efremenko, Vladislav Larin

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The previous Soviet empire spanned 11 time zones and contained part the world's forests; immense deposits of oil, gasoline, and coal; numerous ores; significant rivers similar to the Volga, Don, and Angara; and wide biodiversity. those assets and animals, in addition to the folks who lived within the former Soviet Union - Slavs, Armenians, Georgians, Azeris, Kazakhs and Tajiks, indigenous Nenets and Chukchi - have been threatened by means of environmental degradation and huge toxins. This environmental background of the previous Soviet Union explores the effect that country monetary improvement courses had at the atmosphere. The authors give some thought to the influence of Bolshevik ideology at the institution of an intensive method of nature preserves, the impact of Stalinist practices of industrialization and collectivization on nature, and the increase of public involvement less than Khrushchev and Brezhnev, and adjustments to guidelines and practices with the increase of Gorbachev and the break-up of the USSR.

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These included the draining of wetlands, the construction of canals and irrigation networks, and the building of roads, bridges, and dams. But most of the major projects had to wait until after the Russian Revolution, because the tsarist government hesitatingly supported these endeavors as too expensive or perhaps believed them to be unnecessary. 1 Another challenge for scientists was that “conservation” was in its infancy. As noted in the Introduction, conservation was the belief that through careful, scientifically based evaluation of the extent of resources and their management, present and future generations would always have access to natural resources.

V. Kirikov, Chelovek i Priroda Vostochno-Evropeiskoi Lesostepi v X – nachale XIX v. (Moscow: Nauka, 1979) and Antropogennye Factory v Istorii Razvitiia Sovremenennykh Ekosistem (Moscow: Nauka, 1981); and E. Rekliu, S. V. Bakhrushin, Ocherki po Istorii Kolonizatsii Sibiri v XVI I XVII vv. (Moscow: M. and S. Sabashnikovykh 1927). 5 Still, until the eighteenth century, import of armaments – for example, Scottish cannons – played a greater role than domestic production. The metallurgical industry ultimately was centered near ore deposits in the Ural Mountain region.

Arkhupov, various, on reforestation measures. From Imperial to Socialist Nature Preservation 39 Box 1. Public Concern about Deforestation in Russia in the Late Nineteenth Century David Moon shows that intense debates took place in Russian society about the potential impact of deforestation on climate. Supporters advanced two major hypotheses: whether climate change is progressive, caused by anthropogenic factors, mainly deforestation; or cyclical, with autogenic and human activity having only local impact.

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