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By William S. Graves

Basic Graves special account of the Russian Civi; warfare.

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Download PDF by William S. Graves: America's Siberian Adventure 1918-1920

Normal Graves certain account of the Russian Civi; conflict.

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And now when Germany’s aims have been unmasked to the whole world, the Allies are to nullify the benefits o f this by allowing the Japanese to enter Russia. . ” 6 6 Russian-Am erican Relations — M arch , 1 9 1 7 -M a r c h , 19 2 0 , p. 82. [21 ] AMERICA’S SIBERIAN ADVENTURE T he American Ambassador to Russia, M r. Francis, was also much exercised about the Japanese interven­ tion in Siberia, and on M arch 9, 1 91 8, he cabled to the State Department at Washington, in part: 2. “ . . M oscow and Petrograd Soviets have both instructed their delegates to the conference of M arch 1 2th, to support the ratification o f the peace terms.

G er­ man, Turkish, and Austrian officers at times throng station and streets with insignia o f rank visible beneath Russian m ilitary overcoats. ” 10 Subsequent events have shown that these supposed facts reported to M r. Francis by M r. M acG ow an were someone’s imagination. But the object of these reports is, however, perfectly clear. T he representatives of England, France, and Jap an had found in M r. M ac­ Gowan a ready and willing listener to reports as to the 10 Russian-American Relations.

14] M ILITARY INTERVENTION IN SIBERIA The correspondent called attention to widely con­ tradictory reports on Russian conditions, and asked the Prem ier fo r a frank statement o f the facts. ” “ Is Russia out o f the W a r ? ” Kerensky repeated the words and laughed. “ T h a t,” he answered, “ is a ridiculous question. Russia is taking an enormous part in the W ar. One has only to remember history. Russia began the W ar fo r the Allies. W hile she was already fighting, England was only preparing and America was only observing.

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