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These two considerations together lead to the adoption of the "linked scan" procedure as being the one in which the condition B/E » constant is especially outstanding. It produces product ions, which can be unequivocally brought into relation; there is no defocusing of the ion source, the mass range is not reduced, and the sensitivity of measurement as well as the mass resolution is good. Unfortunately the information about the energy release is lost in linked scan procedures. A comparison of the mass resolving power of different procedures is presented in Fig.

By analogy it should be possible, also, to determine all product ions of a distinct mass by lowering the analysing fields at constant kinetic energy of the precursors. This would be equivalent to a precursor spectrum of a special ion mass. This, however, raises the question as to what ratio the field strengths of the magnetic and the electric sector have to be diminished by. 6 Fig. 95 137 28—» Μ - C H 165 45 OC H — Μ- 2 2 4 5 Accelerating voltage scan (AVS): spectrum of m/z 120 generated from 4-amino-benzoic acid ethyl ester (compare Fig.

This fact is of decisive importance because it clearly shows the difficulties involved in the interpretation of mass spectra. The signal at m I ζ does not indicate from which metastable ion it is originating. It is only possible to calculate the proportion of mass between metastable ions and product ions (m^/mi) not the mass of the metastable ion itself. In the previously mentioned equation with two unknown quantities (III) the determinant for the masses is still missing; neither m£ nor m^ is defined.

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