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Chapter 4 Determination of Additives in Aqueous, Alcoholic and Simple Hydrocarbon Extractants This Chapter deals with the determination of various types of polymer additives and of residual monomers in aqueous and alcoholic simulant extraction liquids in liquid foodstuffs and beverages and in solid foods. Some discussion is also included on the determination of simple hydrocarbon extractants such as hexane and liquid paraffin as these extractants can often be analysed by a method which is a simple extention of the method applied to the aqueous and alcoholic extractants.

30min.. 100° F. , 30min .. 70° F. ,30min 70° F. ,24hr 70° F . , 30min lvi-c__ H. Frozen or refrigerated storag Ready-prepared foods intended to be reheated in container at time oc use: I,II,IV-B,VII-B 1. Aqueous or oil-in-water emulsion of high- or lowfat 2. ,2hr .. ,48hr 32 Additive Migration from Plastics into Food * Heptane extractability results must be divided by a factor of five in arriving at the extractability for a food product having water-in-oil emulsion or free oil or fat. Heptane food-simulating solvent is not required in the case of wax-polymer blend coatings for corrugated paperboard containers of iced meat, iced fish and iced poultry.

5 in. internal diameter with B40 cone. 25 in. Lugs on tube and stopper and spring clips. (b) Oil bath temperature control ±2 C. holes to hold extraction tubes. Aluminium tray on top of bath with (c) Miscellaneous glassware, measuring cyclinders, pipettes, beakers. /v. made from fANALARf solid Na2CÛ3 anhydrous. /v. made from l ANALARf solid monohydrate. /v. made using redistilled ethanol. /v. P. Lev. in the place of olive oil. Additive Migration from Plastics into Food 26 Procedure 5. (a) Carry out each extractability test and blank run in duplicate.

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