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Monochrome ceramics from these structures also represent the Late Agroceramic period. These circular structures probably are the remains of conical huts with a sapling or branch framework, either with or without roof supports, a house type used by indigenous groups of central Chile (Guevara 1929; Joseph 2006; Lizárraga 1928). In summary, Cerro del Inga was an indigenous community 95 kilometers south of Santiago that was conquered and remodeled by the Inkas. The distinctive architectural differences between the pre-Inka and Inka remodeled sectors of the site provided an interesting contrast and basis for adding a finer scale of analysis, that is, the recovery and analysis of botanical remains.

Miscella neous Wild Pla nts The possible past use of a few additional wild plants at the site may also be considered. Carbonized grass seeds (Poaceae) appear in large quantity in certain samples (nâ•›=â•›1,596 distributed in 13 samples). These specimens appear mostly inside small structures. The remains primarily represent 36â•… rossen, pl a nell a, a nd stehberg larger-seeded species and morphologically range from long, thin, triangular seed forms to long, thin, cylindrical and long, broad, flat seed forms.

Cerro Mercachas and Cerro Mauco are, like Cerro del Inga, located on isolated hilltop promontories with artificially flattened summits, commanding views of the valley, and multiple perimeter walls. Only Cerro Mercachas, however, has both rectangular and circular structures to suggest a pre-Inka occupation like that of Cerro del Inga. The site of Pucará de Chena shares the trait of multiple perimeter walls, but more specifically like Cerro del Inga, it also has turrets with a central corridor restricting access and a summit plaza.

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