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Unlike photosynthetic or chemosynthetic creatures, magiotrophs only require magical energy for this process and nothing else; no water, no nutrients, no oxygen, nothing but magical energy. This powerful ability makes life viable in places that traditionally cannot tolerate life, and it creates the unique monstrous creatures so prevalent upon magical worlds. But before we can talk about dragons, we must spend considerable time discussing the lesser life forms that provide the dragon his sustenance.

The dotted line encloses the area in which such is most common and in which either grassland or one of the woodly plant environments may form the prevelant vegetation. Note: The tropic and polar latitudes are shown Temperate rain forest 250 Tropical seasonal forest 200 Temperate forest 150 100 50 Thorn forest (Savanna) Woodland Thorn scrub Taiga Polar latitude Mean Annual Precipitation (cm) 400 (Grassland) Shrubland Tundra Desert 30 38 25 20 15 10 5 0 Mean Annual Temperature (Celsius) -5 -10 Tundra and Taiga Tundra and Taiga are two biomes common to cold polar regions and to certain bands along mountains.

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