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The heritage of pi, says the writer, even though a small a part of the background of arithmetic, is however a replicate of the background of guy. Petr Beckmann holds up this replicate, giving the historical past of the days whilst pi made development -- and likewise while it didn't, simply because technology was once being stifled by means of militarism or spiritual fanaticism.

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We introduce tiR, and aT by setting pol = cos UI. POR = por cos UR > =n cos aT. 7) qOT = n sin aT. Here aI is known. 3) is no longer equal to unity since uTis a solution on the right of the boundary curve. 11) to describe the direction numbers for the boundary curve and conclude as in that discussion that aR = 2e - cII. 4, the incident ray direction and the reflected ray direction make equal angles with the tangent to the boundary curve. 7) as n cos(8 - U T ) = cos(8 - El). 9) This equation is Snell's law, and the wave we are calling the transmitted wave is actually the refracted wave.

4). If 4 satisfies the eikonal equation, what effect will discontinuities in U,, have on the solution? 8 Let U be a solution of Uxx + uyy+ (w”c2)U Assume a solution of the form = 0. 5 Propagation of Wave Fronts 27 with A being a power series in inverse powers of o whose coefficients are functions of x and y. Substitute this form into the equation for U. 4). 9 Suppose that a set of base characteristics is given by x =fh4, y = do,4. Then we solve for n in the first equation and substitute into the second to obtain y as a function of x and 7 .

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