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Detailing the social, financial, and political adjustments and crises that the folk of Russia have needed to suffer, this booklet presents a accomplished account of this titanic country's historical past. It contains assurance at the conquest and rule of Russia by way of the Mongol Golden Horde; and the reign of terror by means of Ivan the poor.

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He drew on both of these in the wake of the destruction of the Byzantine Empire, seat of the Greek Orthodox Church, which took place less than a decade before he became grand prince. By the early 15th century the Byzantines were reeling under repeated blows from the Muslim Ottoman Turks, whose conquests in Europe already extended well into the Balkan Peninsula. Desperate for military support from Roman Catholics to the west, their longtime bitter rivals but also fellow Christians, Constantinople’s Greek Orthodox leaders in 1439 agreed to reunification under the authority of the pope.

He had concluded that they were a danger to the Russian state and that their power had to be shattered once and for all. Ivan’s coronation in 1547 signaled that times were about to change. In a ceremony modeled on the Byzantine example, Ivan eschewed the old title of grand prince of Muscovy and instead had himself crowned czar of all the Russias. What Ivan III had suggested and set as a goal, Ivan IV now explicitly proclaimed: Russia’s ruler was vested with unbridled autocratic power, and he would use it to the fullest.

The earth became black from horse hooves. The field became strewn with Tatar bones. Much blood was spilled upon the field Strong regiments came together and clashed, and they trampled the hills and the meadows. . The storm clouds began to gather and from them shone the lightning, and thunder roared mightily. It was the clash of the sons of Russia with the Tatar infidels, for they seek revenge for Tatar offenses. The gilt armor of the Russian princes gleamed. Their steel swords rained upon the Tatar helmets.

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